Anniesa Hasibuan is creative young woman who comes from ordinary family. Even though she is from simple ordinary family, but her father taught her to be an independent woman, using her abilities. Her father’s background as an entrepreneur, were very inspired her. Anniesa Hasibuan was born in Jakarta, July 30th, 1986 (30 years old), and a wife of Andika Surachman (31 years old). Since she was a child, her family always supports her drawing hobby. Even now, her husband supports her to expand her hobby in fashion design. She was designed only for herself and her family, but her husband pushed her to widen her hobby, and starting to design for public. Her passion in fashion appeared since she became a business woman so then she started to design working clothes, and formal clothes for herself. It turned out that her friends and clients love her design. They encouraged her to open fashion boutique, so they can buy similar clothes that she wore in several events. Fashion show event in London, United Kingdom in March 2015 was her first debut in Fashion Show. She owns 3 brand lines : Haute Couture, Ready To Wear and Wedding Collection. She believes in continuous learning, because it’s never too late to learn. Even though she doesn’t have any educational background in fashion, but its hobby always makes her happy.


Starts from the clothing that she worn to attend an event in London, was unexpected one of the organizers of the event really liked the design of Anniesa Hasibuan and offered to hold a fashion show of her designs in London. Seeing it as a golden opportunity, Anniesa accepted the offer and the Kaftan festival in London in March 2015, is the first Anniesa debut as a designer. While experience in the fashion world is still few, but Anniesa keep learning, because for her it’s never too late to learn. Anniesa Hasibuan itself who created the name Anniesa Fashion for the label, but with input from various parties and right-hand man, Anniesa confidently replace the name “Anniesa Fashion” to be “Anniesa Hasibuan” for its brand. Anniesa Hasibuan having characteristic line by line middle east, which added sequin pearls and swarovski then deliver glamour and elegant impression. Seen from the various collections that she created, there is always a characteristic, there is the gold accents. From the material, sequin and Swarovski. Anniesa always choose the color of gold which is the identity of the “Anniesa Hasibuan”. Different with usually brand muslims, Anniesa Hasibuan create designs like royal clothes and more muslim couture fashion. For now Anniesa also create casual clothes or Ready To Wear to meet the needs of customer.


  • Fashion Show - London, March 2015
  • Single Show – Jakarta, Mei 2015
  • Hello Indonesia – London, June 2015
  • Trunk Show – Jakarta, July 2015
  • New York Couture Fashion Week, September 2015
  • KJRI New York, September 2015
  • Jakarta Fashion Week 2016, October 2015
  • MISIFF2015 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2015
  • New York Couture Fashion Week, February 2016
  • Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 – Jakarta, February 2016